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Some things that I encountered this morning that I hate...

1. Harry Potter ring tones: could there be anything more obnoxious. I am just as much a fan of Harry Potter as the next person (unless that person is Morgan), but come on people!

2. People who don't know how to stop when the green arrow at a light turns red. Why is it in Orlando I always have to wait for 4 or 5 people to run the red arrow before I can go. I think I am going to start a one woman crusade against this epidemic. I'll just go when the light turns green and honk at anyone who defies the red arrow and if I happen to get into and accident then it will be their fault for running the light.

3. People who insist on saving 4 seats for all their friends on quiz day. It's a quiz people, you can't talk to your friends and your only there for 15 minutes and then you leave. Is it really necessary to inconvenience the rest of us so your friends don't have to occupy one of the many seats near by that just aren't next to you.

4. The anal retentive GA in my Social Psych class. This stupid ass made some kid that came late climb over me and then switch seats with the chick that was on the other side of me just so the quiz forms wouldn't get messed up. If you are going to make that big of a deal about it then save a row for late people.

5. My computer. It is crap.

That's it for now, but it's only 11:30...give me time.
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